Old Creamery Cooperative

Old Creamery Cooperative
Your Hilltown Community Market

Store Hours
Mon - Sat 7:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 8:30am - 8:00pm
(413) 634-5560

Groceries for the Whole Community

To meet your needs and desires

aisles-12-13.jpgWe carry conventional groceries and a wide array of organic items.  We offer as many locally grown and locally produced products as possible. We have a wide selection of gluten free products. We carry a full line of everyday staples and we work hard to hold those prices as low as possible.

Try a chocolate bar from our much loved selection, many are fair trade and/or organic.  We carry extra virgin olive oils and fine vinegars;  Unusual Latin American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern ingredients; A variety of pastas, sauces, pastes, and Creamery Made items to help you prepare fabulous feasts. To accompany that feast choose from our great selection of beers and wines.

Our expanded bulk section has flours, grains, nuts, seed, herbs, spices, teas, dried mushrooms and lots more. New shoppers often comment with surprise that we have so much to offer in our little store.