Old Creamery Cooperative

Old Creamery Cooperative
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Mon - Sat 7:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 8:30am - 8:00pm
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Deli, Bakery, and Cafe

Our Café - A community gathering spot

New in town, or just passing through?  No worries!  After the staff inquires about what you’d like, and quite possibly introduces you to a few other folks, don‘t be surprised if a person or two asks to join you at your table. Have a seat, relax for a while, and let us know what you need. 

We provide WIFI for networked devices but mostly The Old Creamery is about networked people.

Made fresh for you every day in the Deli

Our deli offers a dynamic and interesting selection of hot and cold entrees, side dishes, soups, sandwiches, and bagels. We source locally produced and/or organic ingredients when feasible.  We always offer a wide selection of Gluten Free choices. Food can be ordered to eat in at the café; or to-go. The entrees and side dishes change daily. Some items appear only once and some are regular staples.

All beef used by our cooks is from Western Massachusetts/Southern Vermont grass-fed cows raised on family owned farms by ethically and environmentally responsible people. All of our chicken is naturally raised and comes from either Misty Knoll Farm in Vermont or Bell & Evans based in Pennsylvania. Our sausage comes from Holiday Farm in Dalton or Manda Farm in Plainfield, each just a few miles from the Creamery. All our lamb comes from Splendorview Farm, owned and operated by the Thayer family, right up the street from the Creamery.                  

quichecroppedandlightened.jpgMany of our other ingredients are organic when feasible and local whenever possible. The food we prepare is real food made from real ingredients and we avoid GMOs whenever possible. (See our kitchen initiatives HERE)

There is always a selection of casseroles such as Wild Rice & Roasted Squash Casserole with Portabellas, Caramelized Onions, Cheddar & Toasted Pecans; Vegetarian or Meat Lasagne; Macaroni & Cheese; Vegetarian or Meat Tortilla Pie, and Vegetarian or Meat Shepherd’s Pie. 

There is always a selection of freshly baked Quiche. 

Side dishes may include a variety of cold salads such as Greek Orzo, Curried Cous Cous, and Quinoa Black Bean; a variety of vegetable dishes such as Sauteed Kale with Olive Oil & Garlic, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, or Sesame Green Beans.

Entrees may include variying Roasted Chicken; Black Bean Burgers; assorted grain and bean or tofu main dishes; hot or cold pasta entrees; Roasted Tofu with a variety of sauces; Meat Loaf; or Quesadillas with a variety of fillings. We work hard to keep it fresh and interseting.

We always have a selection of made from scratch soups, with a good balance of Beef, Chicken, Fish/Seafood, Vegetarian, and Vegan choices. 

Sandwich fans love our pre-designed cold sandwiches and grilled paninis such as the Thanks A Lot, The Gobbloink, I’m In the Mood, The Ham Dinger, When Pigs Fly, This Little Piggy, High Brow Cow, The Soft Brieze, Bellarella, Rockin Reuben, Tempehtation, and the Italian Flag, and added recently the spicy Madow named after our number one fan Rachiel.

Virtually all of the Roast Beef and Turkey used in the deli are house-roasted to perfection using meat from local family owned Farms. We feature Vermont and New hampshire Smoke & Cure Smoked Ham and Bacon on many of our sandwiches. The other meats are Boar’s Head brand. From June through October we use local and organic lettuce, local tomatoes, and as many other local ingredients as possible. 

Fresh Daily in Our Bakery (or) How the Creamery Wakes Up

While most of us are hours away from starting our day, the Old Creamery bakers are opening the store and starting up the ovens and mixers seven days a week. First up, muffins and scones of the day, both guaranteed to be fresh, delicious, and different than the previous day's. After that it's doughnuts.

Next in line is our bread of the day made with fresh, wholesome, and often organic ingredients and offered in the deli for toast and sandwiches as well as whole loafs to bring home. For a schedule of the breads we make each day, click HERE. We tend to sell out every day, so pick your loaf up early or call to reserve one.

Between mixing the next batch of goodies and taking finished baked goods out of the ovens, the morning bakers are brewing carafes of our locally roasted, free-trade coffees.

About an hour before the store opens, the morning bakers let in the opening cashier and deli staff. Deli workers get started on slicing and prepping for the sandwich-making station, finishing the coffee brewing, and setting up the coffee station; making sandwiches, wraps, and other items for the Grab-and-Go case, warming up the several selections of Creamery-made soup for the day, and whatever else is needed to get the day started.

The cashier brings in the newspapers, puts aside those that have been reserved by customers, makes sure the café is neat and clean, and gets the registers open. The cashier will also shovel and/or sand the entry ramps on wintry mornings. These hardworking early risers will all help each other when needed.

Back in the kitchen, we are baking sheets of our homemade focaccia that's used for breakfast sandwiches and with our famous selection of grilled paninis.

Next we focus on Creamery-made sweets including cookies, bars, cakes, pies, and other goodies. The morning bakers will look at what might be getting low and replenish those offerings so you will not be disappointed when you come to the store.

We are continuously evaluating our ingredients to bring you the healthiest offerings we can provide. Our baked goods, for example, use fresh butter and the best ingredients possible. We want your Creamery-made baked goods to always be the best you have tasted and a great value for the price.

Our bakers may get up early, but they are sharp, alert, and ready for a challenge. If you have a special occasion that you need to make more special, talk to our head baker, Peri, about your ideas. We may offer some creative alternatives and will make it happen. For example, a regular customer, who is smitten with Creamery-made chocolate-almond biscottis, just had a birthday. Our bakers rose to the occasion!  



Local Crafts in our Café


localcards500high.jpgAs you enjoy your food in our café you cannot help but notice that you are surrounded by crafts from many local artists, and a slew of local Authors. 

We are proud of our Little Gallery where we carry works on consignment from a wide verity of local craftspeople. 

We also have racks displaying original art greeting cards, hand made candles, books bylocal authors, and CDs by local musicians.  Oh, and you can also buy Old Creamery T shirts for yourself, your kids, or your grandchildren while shirtslightened.jpgyou are at it