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Old Creamery Cooperative
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Mon - Sat 7:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 8:30am - 8:00pm
(413) 634-5560

Get your Money's Worth at the Creamery

What's Happening at the Old Creamery Co-op?

This year 2019 has brought many changes to our community store, particularly in the last several weeks.  We want to keep our member-owners and the Hilltown community at large as informed as possible as we make some difficult decisions over the next few months about how to continue to operate our beloved store in challenging economic times.

As always, we welcome you to reach out to our Board and Interim General Manager, Dan Esko, if you have particular talents, time, energy or ideas you would like to contribute.  We need the continued support and patronage of our community to ensure our future, particularly through our upcoming winter season.  Please let us know how we can better meet your needs and expectations.  As a co-op, we are by the community, for the community!


Click here for a ongoing archive of recent news, community meeting annoucements, notes from past community meetings, and reports!

Our Full Sandwich Menu. Call Ahead: (413) 634-5560 to order!



We take great pride in our freshly made soups and sandwiches prepared each day from fresh and often local ingredients. Our deli menu has something for everyone, whether it's a great grilled panini, a classic rebuen, or a good old grinder.  Our unique specialty sandwiches are sure to delight your taste buds, or get creative with our versitile build-your-own sandwich menu.  Caught in the lunch rush?  Call ahead with your order or be sure to check out our new self-serve soups and hot grab-n-go sandwiches!

For a downloadable PDF of our menu click here!

NEW Pre-Order Form -- Now Online -- SAVE 10% OR MORE

PreOrderRelaunch-button.jpgPre-ordering your groceries is a great way to save time and money while supporting the Creamery.  We can order thousands of different products from our distributors, including products that we don't normally stock on our shelves.  Pre-orders from the UNFI Buying Club will be ordered for you at no extra cost.  All other items will be discounted at least 10% from our retail price. 

Favorite brand of pretzels? Olive oil? Toothpaste? Need a crate of apples, a case of beer, or ten pounds of dried shiitake mushrooms?  If you have seen it on our shelves before, or even if we have never carried the product before, we may still be able to get it for you.

--Save money and time!

--Get exactly what you need

--Order online

--Support the Creamery

--Make it your store


Here's how it works:


1. To search the online UNFI Buying Club catalog, go to http://customers.unfi.com and login to our Buying Club account: 

Username: Chesterfield1

Password: Buyingclub1 

You can search for products by name, brand, or category. Refine your search to find monthly specials or filter out certain allergens like wheat or dairy. Or filter by organic, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, etc.  If you would like assistance learning to navigate the UNFI online catalog, email membership@oldcreamery.coop and a Pre-Order Volunteer will set up a meeting to go through the online catalog with you.


2. When you find the product you would like to order, please do NOT add it to the Online Shopping Cart.  Instead, fill out the paper Pre-Order Form located at the cashiers, or fill out the form online.


Please use a separate form for each product.  If you know the 7-digit UNFI code or the UPC bar code of the product you are ordering, please include it.  Please also describe the product to the best of your ability, including brand, variety, flavor, quantity, and package size.  You may also attach the label of a product to the paper form to ensure accuracy.  If you are not sure about the availability of a product, fill out an order form anyway and check the box to be called.  We will notify you of the case price before your order is placed.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying the price as charged by the store. 


3. Give your paper Pre-Order Form to a cashier or submit your form online.  You will receive a phone call from the store when your order is ready for pickup.  Please note that our storage space is extremely limited, especially for perishable items.  ALL orders MUST be picked up with THREE days of arrival or it will be returned to the warehouse and you will be charged a 20% restocking fee.


4. To pick up your order, simply notify the cashier.  They will retrieve your form and you may pay for your item.  If the item is heavy, you may be asked to pick it up at the delivery door by the ATM.



Thank you for Pre-Ordering! For additional guidelines and policies, please read our Pre-Order How-To Guide.  Please share your feedback and help us spread the word!