Old Creamery Cooperative

Old Creamery Cooperative
Your Hilltown Community Market

Store Hours
Mon - Sat 7:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 8:30am - 8:00pm
(413) 634-5560

With Warm Appreciation

To the many who have assisted with our cooperative journey


To the hardworking Creamery staff for making the Creamery such a delightful place to visit.


To the many volunteers and contributors who have given their time, talent, products and services.


Kelly Anderson

Bi-sek Hsiao

Lynne Paterson

Brenda Arbib

Jennica Huff

Sal Peabody

Deborah Balmuth*

David Hurwith*

Susan Pearson

Stu Besnoff

Allen Irvine*

Carrie Petrik

Joseph Best*

Ann Irvine

Linda Pilgrim

Donna Binder

Seth Isman

Hattie Plehn*

James Bowles

John Jones*

Betsy Powell

Christine Brandon

Michael Kalagher*

Prakasa Yoga

Elizabeth Brunton

Jane Karras

Amy Pulley*

Paula Bundy

Julia Kay

Mary Pulley

Will Bundy

Scott Keith

Cherylann Richards

Stephen Bushway

Margaret Kelleher

Susan Riley

Heather Carpenter

Dave Kielson*

Rich Roberge

Aimee Champion

Gail Kielson

Gary Schaefer

Leslie Charles

Patty Kimura*

Ron Scott

Joy Chipman-Johns

Kinne Brook Farm

Corrine Sharkley

Nancy Cole

Christy Knox

Avery Sharpe

Chris Corsac*

Ann Kohn

Richard Shephard

Alice Cozzolino*

Ed Kohn

Matthew Shippee

Heather Cupo

Peter Lapointe

Karen Simon

Maureen DeMaranville

Helen Larkin

Sylvia Snape*

Paul DiLeo

Bill Latimer

Larry Slezak

Sidra Eiseman

Eliza Lake

Storey Publishing

Katy Eiseman

Nancy Lavallee

Barbara Spencer

Ann Ellery

Marty Leaf*

Mickey Spokas

Raymond Ellsworth

Carly Leusner

Jaylin Stahl

Kate Ewald

Kimberly Longey*

Chris Stockman

Peter Feitner*

Doug MacLeay

Ed Stockman

Jill Figlozzi

Rachel Maddow

Sadie Stull

Barbara Fingold

Carleen Madigan

Helene Tamarin

Leni Fried

Manda Farm

Debbie Thibault

Renne Gollehon

Jackson Mansfield*

Ralph Timberlake

Judy Gowdy

Maple Valley Farm

Shirley Todd

Ken Graf

Audrey Marcoux

Susan Van Buren

Darlene Graham

Jim Markham

Zack Vaughan

Mary Hale

Mike McGrath

Josh Wachtel*

Anna Hanchett

Jay McMahon

Kim Wachtel

Linda Hannum

Jim McSweeney

Mark Wamsley

Bruce Harrison

Sean McWilliams

Amy Wang

Karen Harrison

Susan Mikula

Joan Wattman

Kathy Harrison

Peter Mitchell

Rosemary Wessel

Mark Hoechstetter

Judy Moore

Susi Westwood*

Michael Holden

Kristi Nelson

Laura Wetzler

Emmy Howard

Charles Neville


To those whose names we may have missed, please gently remind us us when you see us. There has been so much support that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with.


*Has served on the Steering Committee and/or Board of Directors


Thank you to more than 200 people who contributed to our fundraising campaign and to those who have made member-owner loans.


And special thanks to our neighboring co-ops and co-op support organizations and their staff and board members, for the generous offers of help, support, guidance, and wisdom. We continue to be blessed by their practicing the value of cooperation among cooperatives:


Berkshire Co-op

Cooperative Development Institute

Field to Table

Food Co-op Initiative

Franklin Community Co-op

Leverett Co-op

Neighboring Food Cooperative Association

Putney VT Co-op

River Valley Market

Wild Oats Co-op


And always to:

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