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We sell books on topics including gardening, nature, environmental sustainability, homesteading and how-to, crafts, cooking, and current social and political topics. How about books from TWO former Poet Laureates, and two auhors with NY Time top 10 books? You read that correctly! Righ here in Cummington, right here in the Hilltowns.

We also have many hand made prints and three dimentional crafts in out Little Galery. Two greeting card racks are dedicated to local artists, including our own Annette Rubino-Buckley (one of our talented cooks) and Peter Mitchell (Our Meat/Fish, Cheese & Produce person)

The Old Creamery is proud to sell books, crafts, and Greeting Cards from all these local artists below:

After you check out this section make sure you see our Little Galery artist, and their talented offerings at THIS LINK

Local authors with books for sale in the Old Creamery


Our community has many talented individuals, and among them are several local authors whose works we gladly display and sell. If the copy you purchase is not already autographed it can probably be arranged. Click on the photo to learn more or buy online (it won't be signed, however).



ACC_LA_01.jpgAlan Weisman's reports from around the world have appeared in Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Orion, Wilson Quarterly, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, Discover, Audubon, Condé Nast Traveler, and in many anthologies, including Best American Science Writing 2006.  His most recent book, The World Without Us, a bestseller translated into 30 languages, was named the Best Nonfiction Book of 2007 by both Time magazine and Entertainment Weekly, the #1 Nonfiction Audiobook of 2007 on iTunes, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Nonfiction, a finalist for the Orion Prize, and a Book Sense 2008 Honor Book. His previous books include An Echo in My Blood; Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World, and La Frontera: The United States Border with Mexico. He has also written the introduction for The World We Have by Thich Nhat Hann.


Weisman is a senior producer for Homelands Productions, and his documentaries have aired on National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and American Public Media. Each spring, he leads an annual field program in international journalism at the University of Arizona, where he is Laureate Associate Professor in Journalism and Latin American Studies. He and his wife, sculptor Beckie Kravetz, live in western Massachusetts.



ACC_LA_02.jpgLocal illustrator Greg Ruth has released a children's picture book, Our Enduring Spirit (published by Harper Collins)! Using the original text from President Obama's first inaugural address, Ruth "wanted to create a children's book that could at once communicate the vitality and ideas of that day in pictures to children and act as a historical record and a snapshot of that day to the rest of us. As many of you know the opportunity to do this book came out of a series of drawings to benefit Habitat for Humanity during the weekly drawing series, the 52 Weeks Project. So in a wacky way this is an extension of the spirit of that strange endeavor."

"To celebrate the release of Our Enduring Spirit, I'll be issuing a limited edition of autographed books complete with a unique original 9x9" sumi-ink drawing on paper of President Obama for sale up at the Storefront section of my website. If you're interested in having the book personalized, that too is happily arranged. There's only going to be a very small run of these so be sure to snap one up before they're gone!" http://www.gregthings.com/news.html

Fifty percent of all proceeds raised will this time go to benefit the extraordinary efforts of Doctors Without Borders.



ACC_LA_03.jpgLongtime friend of the Old Creamery Steve Philbrick has written The Backyard Lumberjack with his son Frank. Stephen and Frank have enjoyed the thrilling destruction of felling, bucking, and splitting timber for hundreds of cords of firewood. Together they bring practical instruction and first-hand advice to every man (or woman) with a chainsaw. Available from Storey Publishing.

Chainsaw in hand, father and son move on to detailed instructions on managing a woodlot, felling and bucking, splitting and stacking, and even include fun facts on burning. For every lumberjack chore they offer advice on equipment (chaps, helmets, felling wedges, hatchets, mauls, peeves), careful procedural instruction, safety and efficiency strategies, and always their humorous anecdotes and tales of tree adventure.

For the rural lumberjack with acres of woodland, the suburban guy with a cord of wood to split and stack for the fireplace, or the urban guy who just likes to think about chainsaws, The Backyard Lumberjack is as much an engaging read on the legends and experiences of lumberjacking as a practical reference guide.




justincase.jpgJust In Case by local author and mother extraodinaire Kathy Harrison.



Be one of the prepared few by following Kathy Harrison’s practical plan for emergency self-sufficiency. Learn how to evaluate, organize, and rotate your food supply; pack an evacuation kit; protect important documents from fire; develop a communications system; make nutritious soup with canned and dried pantry items; and entertain the kids for several televi sion-free days. Everything you need to know to survive when public services fail is covered in this essential guide to family preparedness.
Keep a cool head and plan well; your family will be able to settle in, stay warm, and eat well when the unexpected happens.

Kathy Harrison is the author of Another Place at the Table and One Small Boat, books that chronicle her experiences as a foster parent. She is a national spokesperson, touring and giving lectures, for both foster parenting and family preparedness. She has appeared on The Today Show, on Oprah, and in NPR interviews. She lives with her family in western Massachusetts.

“Kathy Harrison’s Just In Case is an ideal preparedness guide for families. It is a must for the bookshelf of anyone that is serious about being prepared for emergencies.”

— James Wesley Rawles, editor, www.SurvivalBlog.com;
author of Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse


ACC_LA_04.jpgVaccines for Violence by Frances Henry
Illustrations by Walter Korzec


Violence played a role in this author's life. Her response? Prevent it. Using a medical metaphor, these essays describe ways to make the necessary changes in our lives to assure connection instead of harm.

Each essay tackles an aspect of the task to prevent harm: making peace with fear, balancing accountability with a measure of compassion, using faith and reason, and supporting others in their work. Added clarity is given to each essay with a pen and ink drawing illustrating the key concept.

Hand-produced cover and assembly in a quality binding.





ACC_LA_05.jpgThe Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan


Before becoming an editor at Storey Publishing, Carleen was managing editor of Horticulture magazine and lived on an organic farm outside Boston, Massachusetts, where she learned the homesteading skills contained in The Backyard Homestead.








sisters.jpgSisters: An Anthology edited by Jan Freeman, Emily Wojcik, and Deborah Bull


Jan Freeman is the director and founder of Paris Press. She is the author of three books of poetry, Simon Says, Hyena, Autumn Sequence, and a new manuscript, Blue Structure. She lives in Ashfield; her younger sisters live in Atlanta and New York City.


Emily Wojcik is the assistant editor of Paris Press. She is completing her doctorate in English at the University of Connecticut, where she teaches writing and American Literature. She lives in Northampton; her younger sister lives in New York City.


Deborah Bull has spent her career in publishing, most recently as director of Photosearch, Inc./Fair Street Productions (NYC), which produced illustrated books, including anthologies on a wide variety of subjects. She lives in New York City; her younger sister lives in Los Angeles.



Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll (278 pages, paperback) will help take the complexity out of home cheese making. Ricki explains, with ease, the procedures to follow from the very first batch. This book will help you understand equipment, starter culture preparation, rennet use, temperature control, and storage of your finished cheeses. There are stories about artisanal as well as home cheese makers, recipes for using your cheeses, hints on how to cut your cheese, recipes from customers, and much, much more. You will find an easy-to-follow format with illustrations, charts, glossary, and a troubleshooting guide. This book is a must for all who want to make their own cheese in the comfort of their own kitchen!

Greeting Cards by Local Artists

localcards500high.jpgBrowse our dedicated rack of Local Greeting Card Artists. Currently on display are works from the hand of:

Annette Rubino Buckley

Joan Boryta

Kristin Jay

Paula Gottlieb

Peter Mitchell

 Kimberly Wachtel

Leni Fried

Liebe Coolidge