Old Creamery Cooperative

Old Creamery Cooperative
Your Hilltown Community Market

Store Hours
Mon - Sat 7:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 8:30am - 8:00pm
(413) 634-5560


We Support Local Talent


Our Gallery Director, Noel Shears-Pennell, familiar to many of you as one of our talented cooks, sources handmade, beautiful crafts from many local artists.  The selection frequently changes, so browse the gallery every time you stop in.  Crafts include a wide and intriguing selection of pottery; glass dishes; wooden cutting boards, bowls, and hand carved spoons; locally forged handmade metal hooks; and more.  It’s a great place to find gifts.  Support our local arts community by buying their products here or by contacting them directly.

Artists at The Old Creamery


Click on the photo for a link to lots more about the artist


 steadylane3x2.jpg Paula Gottlieb

edkfinefurnpic.jpgEd Konieczny


ChristyKnox.jpgChristy Knox


ConstanceTalbot.jpgConstance Talbot


MeganHart.jpgMegan Hart

Jeffrey-Lipton-for-web.jpg Jeffrey Lipton


MayaMachin.jpgMaya Machin


E.M.Smith.jpgEric Smith


GuyMatsudo.jpgGuy Matsuda (contact In Plainfield. No web link)


zaraclayKrisOneill.jpg Zyraclay - Kris O'Neill

DanZulawski.jpg  Dan Zulawski

 michael-mccarthy-for-web.jpg Michael McCarthy


The following Artists do not currently have a Web Site

Please contact them directly and support them.

Toni Reed

17 Plainfield Road

Cummington, MA, 01026


JR Lobrose

Hot Anvil Forge

122 East Main Street

Plainfield, MA 01070


Guy Matsuda

12 Upper Liberty Street

Plainfield, MA 01070


Robert Quigley - Cutting Boards

Rt 9

Cummington, MA 01026


Alan Young

The Sow's Ear

62 Clesson Brook Road

Charlemont, MA 01339

 Email Sowear@crocker.com


Zeke A. Hefko

86 Thayer Hill Road

Worthington, MA 01238


Seigfried Haug - Wooden Bowls

151 Lake Drive

Williamsberg, MA 01096