Old Creamery Cooperative

Old Creamery Cooperative
Your Hilltown Community Market

Store Hours
Mon - Sat 7:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 8:30am - 8:00pm
(413) 634-5560

Personal Care & Household

All Natural, Organic, and Locally Made

soapthumbnail.jpgWe offer a small but well-stocked health and beauty aids section with a changing inventory of all the basics and many special, unusual indulgences. We also offer a wide selection of herbal medicinals from locally-owned Wise Ways Herbals, homeopathic medicines, and vitamins and supplements. Just Soap, made locally with a bicycle-powered machine, flies off our shelves. Everyone who tries it comes back for more. Oh, and if your hands are a little rough try Badger Balm.

As you enter the store, you may notice our beautiful display of locally produced Mole Hollow candles. With their artists palette of enticing colors, it’s hard to pass by without bringing some home. 

You will find an ever-changing variety of household products. We offer canning jars and other canning supplies, rechargeable batteries and chargers, old-fashioned crank popcorn poppers, clay tortilla warmers, bamboo towels and cutting boards, and many other interesting items. We carry a variety of glass jars for packaging your own herbal medicines, and fill-your own tea bags. Check out this area every time you come in because the selection always changes.