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Cooperative Leadership

Karl Sabo - General Manager

karlsabo_sm.jpg I knew when making chicken paprikash and chimney cake with my Hungarian grandmother that everything to do with food would be the life for me. Food connects people and can inspire change. I started working in kitchens at 14, went to the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park after high school, and worked many kitchen stations on a 'round the world cruise liner. 

 When I rose through the ranks to the responsibility of purchasing, I always went for what was fresh, sustainable, and local - on the ocean liner; as Director of Purchasing at the “21” Club in NYC; and as co-innkeeper with my wife Jane Howard at the Deerfield Inn, where we worked for 30 happy years. 

 After working in Manhattan, I was so pleased to move back to the country. I grew up always being in the outdoors, and rural is what I love. We must support and empower growers, producers, and communities, to keep this beautiful, comestible-rich part of the country sustainable and vital. 

We took a year-long hiatus in 2017 to run a small family farm in the mountains of southern Spain, but now I am delighted to be back in MA, and honored to be part of the iconic Creamery with its friendly, dedicated staff, supportive Board, and wonderful community.

Email: gm@oldcreamery.coop

Tom Utterback - Grocery Manager


tom-utterback.jpgI grew up in the small city of Tullahoma, TN and now live in Conway with my wife Donna Gilman and 9 year old son Avi. My wife is a psychologist in Northampton and my son is a 3rd grader at Conway Grammar School.   I have experience in grocery management from River Valley Co-op, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's.  When I'm not working, I love playing with my son, going to movies and lately, learning pottery.  I am a big fan of wood fired pizza and the food of Southeast Asia.

 I care about co-op principles such as honest and open business practices, democratically elected leadership, shared responsibility and social awareness. Particularly at the Creamery, I was drawn to the challenges we are faced with here as we strive to continue to be a vital part of the Hilltowns.  I fully expect us to get over the hump next year and become self-reliant. It's my goal everyday and it's what excites me to come to work. 

Email: grocery@oldcreamery.coop






Board Leadership

Your Board Welcomes Your Help and Ideas

The Co-op Board of Directors includes longtime Hilltown residents as well as relative newcomers. We are farmers, lawyers, parents, community leaders, business owners, social-change activists, artists, “foodies,” public interest advocates, and community builders.

We are volunteering our time, expertise, and creativity because we support the Old Creamery and we believe that people can accomplish more by working together than they can on their own.

The board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Sustainability Library up behind the store. Any changes to the date, time or location of regular board meetings will be posted in the store.  Past Board minutes and agendas are also available to Member-Owners in a binder upstairs in the library or upon written request.  We welcome the participation of Member-Owners in our meetings. We also welcome and encourage Member-Owner participation in our sub-committee work and/or as a volunteers for projects at the Co-op.  

Click here to see a current list of Committees you can join to get more involved!

If you have time or particular talents that you would like to contribute to our cooperative journey send a message to the general manager gm@oldcreamery.coop, let any board member know, or drop us a line at board@oldcreamery.coop.  

2019 Schedule of Board Meetings

The planned 2019 Board Meetings are as follows.  Additional meetings or changes to this schedule will be posted on the Board bulletin in the cafe.


January 8  May 14  September 10
February 12 June 11 October 8
March 12 July 9 November 12
April 9 August 13 December 10

Peter Feitner - Cummington - President

Peter-Feitner.jpgPeter has been a resident of Cummington since 1989. Previously of Ithaca, NY, he has worked in a wide array of settings ranging from athletic coach for a collegiate sports team, travel planner and tour leader, arts administrator, potter and small business owner, artist, builder, and on it goes. He has a degree in Business Administration and Management from Ithaca College and served for six years as a Trustee for the Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School. He lives about one mile from The Creamery which has been an almost daily part of his life for the entirety of his residency. He is married to local artist and potter Christy Knox and they have two daughters, Karina and Lilah. He is looking forward to the excitement and challenges of serving on the Board of Directors for the Cooperative and working to ensure the continuing stable and vital presence of the Old Creamery as an iconic part of this wonderful community.


Peg Cowen - Cummington - Vice President

Peg-cowen.jpgI have lived in Cummington for 30 years and witnessed the transformation of The Old Creamery from a simple country convenience store to a vibrant and thriving cooperative that feeds, employs and serves as a meeting place for so many of us in this region. Thanks to the vision, dedication, hard work, and generosity of so many people, The Old Creamery's future looks bright.

For the past 18 months, I have been a member of The Creamery's Outreach Committee; I served on the finance committee at the West Cummington Congregational church for many years, and on the board of directors of the Worthington Health Center for three years; My husband, John Bye, and I founded and ran Berkshire County's 3rd CSA from 1996 - 2008. I am a clinical social worker, with a private practice in Northampton and Springfield.

I'm excited to see the directions we, the Member-Owners, will decide to grow The Co-op. How will we evolve as an employer? How will the Creamery grow in its role as a key institution in the local community? How will The Co-op participate in critical debates and actions regarding larger, global issues? The Co-op Member-Owners have the opportunity to embrace these challenges and I am honored to serve on the board as we turn toward these exciting questions and possibilities.


Fletcher Schneeflock - Cummington - Treasurer

fletcherboardphoto.jpgMy family and I moved to Cummington in 2015 in part to be closer to my brother-in-law who runs Grace Hill Dairy. Without the Creamery, however, I'm not sure we would have. The importance of the Creamery to our community, as a store and a community center, cannot be overstated. It's not just a place to buy groceries, but to see your neighbors, to meet and make new friends. Previously focused on data management, I've been a full-time parent since the birth of our twins in the fall of 2014. When I can spare the time I'm also a bicycle tour guide, endurance cyclist and trail runner. I spend most of the summer in our garden eating husk cherries and coaxing hot peppers into growing in our climate.




Sarah (Sadie) Stull - Plainfield - Clerk


I have enjoyed living in Plainfield for the past 23 years.  I have been a member of several co-ops over the years, starting with a co-op in Northampton, MA in the late 1970's.  I am a strong believer in co-operatives.  I look forward to bringing my enthusiasm for working with others and problem solving.  I have run a small construction business for over 20 years, and been involved with many community organizations such as the Hilltown Seed Saving Network, Raspberry Hill Community Garden, and the Plainfield Cultural Council.  I currently serve on the Plainfield Agricultural Commission and the Plainfield Council on Aging.  I value the Old Creamery Co-op as a place to shop, have a meal, and meet other members of the community.



Paul DiLeo - Plainfield

paul-dileo.jpgI have been coming to Plainfield with my wife Cynthia for 30 years, camping first and moving here full time 20 years ago.  We’re raising two kids, Claire and Celeste, who have been in Shawn Thayer’s 4H sheep club for 15 years and built a flock of Border Leicesters.  We also grow peaches, apples, have horses and chickens, etc.  I’m the founder and a managing director of Grassroots Capital, a B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation which manages investments in microfinance, affordable education, and other “social impact” businesses in Africa, Latin America and South Asia and am on the boards of several such companies and investment funds.  In this capacity, I travel a fair amount which has limited my local engagement, but over the years I have been a Board member of the Hilltown CDC and on various Plainfield Town committees.  My travel schedule is now relaxing a bit so I look forward to working with all the Creamery’s current and future stakeholders to move it into the future, continuing and expanding its role as a resource for everyone who lives in and visits in these Hilltowns. 

Katy Eiseman - Cummington

KEiseman.jpgI grew up at the other end of Hampshire County, in Pelham. After a few years in Washington and New York studying and practicing law, I came back home to Western Mass, moving to Cummington in 2004. I've been a morning baker at the Creamery, worked on Only One Cummington Volume II, and ran the Blue House Café in Haydenville for five years with my husband. I've also worked with It Takes a Village (the Hilltown Village) and with the Hilltown Land Trust. When the Kinder Morgan pipeline threatened the region, I founded the Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast, which I still run. My two kids attend RH Conwell in Worthington.  I now serve on the Cummington Planning Board, and I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the Creamery Board and help develop a shared vision for what we want our co-op to be, and a path to realize that vision.


Wil Hastings - Cummington

WilHastings.jpgI used to be a lawyer. I quit 25 years ago and moved to Worthington as a “poet-farmer”. I now live half the year in Cummington and half in Northampton. Poetry stuck to me longer than farming. But I dived into land conservation and just recently stepped down as a leader of the Hilltown Land Trust. I helped rebuild the West Cummington Congregational Church after its 2010 fire. And now I’m the newest Old Creamery director. Simply put, I see myself as one of the many Old Creamery Owner-Members who together are responsible for its continued growth as the soul & life-blood of this community. We need to continue to bring more people to share the Creamery’s large table. We need to act in ways that will assure a great 10th anniversary celebration in 2022.


Board Terms

Board Member          Year Elected           Term            Expiration            Action 

Kim Bode*                      2019                  1 year               2020                  Resigned September 2019                 

Wil Hastings                    2017                  3 years             2020                                         

Lori Holmes*                   2017                  3 years             2020                  Resigned August 2019                         

Peg Cowen                      2018                  3 years             2021                                           

Peter Feitner                   2018                  3 years             2021                                           

Roberta Wooldridge*       2018                  3 years             2021                   Resigned August 2019

Christine Doktor*            2019                  3 years             2022                   Resigned August 2019

Fletcher Schneeflock        2019                  3 years             2022  

Sadie Stull                      2019                  3 years             2022

Katy Eiseman                                                                                             Appointed August 2019, Ratify by Member Vote in 2020

Michael Alterman                                                                                        Appointed August 2019, Ratify by Member Vote in 2020

Paul DiLeo                                                                                                  Appointed August 2019, Ratify by Member Vote in 2020

Board Committees

Member-owners are encouraged to get more involved in the co-op by joining (or starting!) a committee.  Currently committees, descriptions, and meeting dates are listed below.  To join a committee or contact a committee chair, please email board@oldcreamery.coop


Member Engagement Committee

Advance initiatives to deepen member-owner engagement and ownership stake in the Creamery, including revising the Ends/Mission statement, improving communications, fundraising, implementing affordability programs, and organizing volunteer opportunities. Join a sub-committee or start your own!

Meets: Monthly, Third Mondays

Chair: Sadie Stull


Outreach Committee

Develop initiatives to build bridges and strengthen relationships with the town of Cummington and other local Hilltown businesses and non-profit organizations.

Meets: TBD

Chair: Peg Cowen


Finance Committee (Invitation-Only)

Monitor the Creamery's financial position and make recommendations to the Board as appropriate.

Chair: Kimberly Longey (Member Owner/Assistant Treasurer)

Additional Members (2019): Peter Feitner (Co-op Board President), Fletcher Schneeflock (Co-op Board Treasurer), Wil Hastings (Board Member and Assistant Treasurer) Sadie Stull (Board Member), Amy Wang (Member Owner)

Note: if you are interested in serving on this committee please contact the Chair with your skills/background to seek appointment


Personnel Committee (Forming)

Offer support and human resource services to staff by regularly reviewing employee policies, conducting surveys and exit interviews, and fostering a healthy and attractive work environment for current and prospective employees.

Chair: TBD