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The Old Creamery Sustainability Library


Sustainability LibraryThe Hilltown Sustainability Library is on the quiet second floor of the Old Creamery. The Library is a collection of books, videos, and other resources related to living locally resilient and ecologically responsible lives on our beautiful home planet. We have a great selection of farming and gardening books and back issues of farming magazines. There are field guides to local plants and animals and books on ecology, green building, solar energy, plumbing, wiring, carpentry, country living skills, raising animals, canning and preserving, childbirth, health, and much more.

There are also numerous books addressing important current issues including climate change, fossil fuel dependency, ecological values, our food choices, land preservation, and intentional communities. We have a small selection of children's books and are looking for donations of more. Bring your cup of coffee along and sit, relax, read, read, read.

This Library is a true community effort. All books have been donated by our neighbors. We have room for at least another thousand books, so if you have relevant books on sustainability topics, we welcome your contributions.

The labor for insulating, painting, and plastering the room that houses the library was donated by local volunteers from the Hilltown Sustainability Group. Ralph Timberlake of Plainfield built our beautiful shelves and tables from wood logged on his land.

The library is open seven days a week during store hours, except for occasional closings to allow community groups to use the room as a meeting space. Ask our cashier for directions or the key if the door is locked. The library is open to everyone and operates on a self-checkout system that is explained on a sign at the checkout desk. Please come in and browse.  

A Virtual Sustainability Library

Don't have time to hang out at The Old Creamery's Library?

Educate yourself from anywhere that you have a computer.

UMass Library Sustainability Page

The Old Creamery Zero Waste Bulk Foods Club

Why:  We buy bulk foods not only because they are less expensive, but also because

they lower our environmental impact.  DO THEY?!?  When we buy a small

quantity of a bulk food item and put it in a brand new, large plastic bag, the

environment would be better off if we bought that same food pre-packaged!

 Let’s change our habits to be better aligned with our intentions. 

            The daily choices we make DO matter! 

 What:  You pay $25.00 to join the Zero Waste Bulk Foods Club.  

            You receive 12 canning jars AND 12 hand-sewn cloth bags (from the Bag Share

volunteers with donated scrap fabric to further reduce the environmental

impact).  The large bags are ideal for flour, oats, and other large quantity items; medium works great for grains & beans; and small are perfect for herbs.

 How:  When you bring your own bags or jars to the Creamery and purchase bulk foods,

you receive a 10% discount on those items.  This includes all the bulk grocery

items.  Show your membership card to the cashier and receive the discount.

When:  What do we want?  Change for the earth!  When do we want it?  Now!!!

The daily choices we make DO matter! 

Where:  Right here in our hilltowns, in our community, in our Creamery.


Let the cashier know if you’d like to join