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What happened at the 2016 Annual Meeting?

Annual Meeting Minutes 2016

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Old Creamery Cooperative, Inc.


Minutes of Annual Meeting of Member Owners

Held at 4 PM on April 24, 2016

at the Cummington Community House


                        Peter Feitner, President, opened the 2016 Annual Meeting by welcoming the approximately 50 Member-Owners present and participating. Peter pointed out the location of the ballot box for voting for the proposed candidates for director, noting the the voting would close at the end of the meeting and ask that questions be reserved until all of the reports had been completed.

                        Peter noted that there were three board vacancies but that Kim Tobin was the sole candidate standing for election. A short biography and photo of Kim had been sent out to the Member-Owners with the notice of this meeting. Peter also noted appreciation for the efforts of General Manager, Michael Kalagher, for his extraordinary support of the coop operations as well as for all board members, officers, committee members, and volunteers.

                        Reports were delivered to the meeting by Peter as President, Michael Kalagher as General Manager, Wil Hastings as Treasurer and Peg Cowen as Chair of the Outreach Committee. Electronic copies of these reports were made available last year, and are still available, to Member-Owners on request by email sent to info@oldcreamery.org.                     

                        During the Q&A session following the reports, Michael responded to numerous questions about 2015 business results and his hopes for 2016. But most of the Q&A period was given over to a dozens of reactions and ideas from Member-Owners about how the business might be improved, with Peg Cowen managing a half-dozen sticky pads on the walls on which comments of Member-Owners were recorded.

                        Noted was the requested inclusion of financial documents as a part of the annual meeting package and presentation. These had been omitted as they had not  been reported on by our independent accountants prior to the meeting. There were dozens of comments posted on the wall sticky pads and more suggestions offered from the floor about different possibilities for improved store performance.                                                   

Kim Tobin and Jon Rehmus were duly elected to three-year terms as directors.


Respectfully submitted,


Lori Holmes, Clerk