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The 2017 Annual Meeting Slate

Join us on April 30th at 4:00 PM

We  invite you to join us at our 2017 Annual Meeting of Member-Owners, to be held on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 4 PM in the Cummington Community House, 33 Main Street, Cummington, MA 01026. At the annual meeting we'll share with you the latest updates on our Co-op as well as our finances and plans. As always, we will welcome your questions and comments at the meeting.

Member-Owners will elect directors to fill five vacancies on the Co-op's board. Candidate's Statements and links to additional information are below. You can meet and talk with the candidates ahead of the annual meeting – starting at 3:30 PM. Member-Owners will also vote to accept the minutes of last year's Annual Meeting. Those minutes can be viewed HERE

If you would like to vote in advance of the meeting download a ballot HERE or pick one up in the store. If you cannot make it to the meeting, but would like to assign a proxy with your vote, download that form HERE or pick one up at the store. Completed ballots or proxies can be put in the ballot box in the store or mailed to us at the address in the lower right corner of this page.

We are looking forward to a productive gathering of the Co-op's Member-Owners and hope to see you there. As always, Creamery-made snacks and beverages will be served. 

2017 Minutes

View the minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting HERE

Wil Hastings - Candidate's Statement

WilHastings.jpgThree years ago I was elected to fill a board vacancy. Since there was no one else available to become your Treasurer, I agreed to serve in that role as well. It has been a long and not easy three years after the initial financial setbacks of 2013. There is still much work needed to pull the Old Creamery onto solid financial footing, I am seeking election as a director for another term, my last for sure. For a longer biographical biography, please see my statement and pic under the Co-op website listing of its current directors. HERE The pic could reasonably be updated but I’m not moved to do so!

Peter Feitner - Candidate's Statement

Peter-Feitner.jpgI have served on the board for several years and wish to continue serving for another term. I have learned much about the store and operations over that time and through the many changes and adjustments that have been made in attempt to improve and ensure the future of the Creamery. I look forward to serving with fellow board members and to supporting a consistent and committed presence. Further information on my background also available on the Co-op web page. HERE

Lori Holmes - Candidate's Statement

Lori-Holmes-for-web.jpgProposing a second term on the Board, I have been the Clerk for about a year an a half. I will continue to offer my services in this capacity and will continue to contribute to the Board efforts to help the General Manager navigate this community effort onto a stronger financial footing. Additional biographphical information is available on the Co-op website. HERE I encourage all members to make any extra effort possible to make the Co-op continue in place in Cummington.

Fletcher Schneeflock - Candidate's Statement

Schneeflockpiccopy.jpgMy family and I moved to Cummington in 2015 in part to be closer to my brother-in-law who runs Grace Hill Dairy. Without the Creamery, however, I'm not sure we would have. The importance of the Creamery to our community, as a store and a community center, cannot be overstated. It's not just a place to buy groceries, but to see your neighbors, to meet and make new friends. Previously focused on data management, I've been a full-time parent since the birth of our twins in the fall of 2014. When I can spare the time I'm also a bicycle tour guide, endurance cyclist and trail runner. I spend most of the summer in our garden eating husk cherries and coaxing hot peppers into growing in our climate.

Kyle Thayer - Candidate's Statement

    KyleThayewithson.jpgSplendorview Farm is my family's 5th generation Century Farm here in Cummington.  Together with my wife Cara and son Logan we raise purebred sheep, beef and hay.  We sell lamb to the co-op and hay to several local farms.  

     I appreciate the Creamery's role in making local producers achieve sustainability and success. I look forward to bringing a livestock producers perspective to the board if elected.